Supported platforms


jak is explicitly tested on Pythons:

  • 2.7 (It is probably safe to assume jak works for 2.7.7 - 2.7.X, where X > 7)
  • 3.4
  • 3.5
  • 3.6

Works but CI fails:

  • PyPy. (It works just fine locally but travis seems to have trouble with it, so we removed it from CI for now. The issue is that pycrypto fails to install under it, and pycrypto seems to explicitly state that they dont work with pypy. Nonetheless, we’ve gotten this working on our machines just fine…)

Planned but not tested yet, but hopefully work:

  • PyPy3

jak follows the Python end of support dates, which in practice means that support ends on the following dates:

  • 3.4 (PEP 429) support ends 2019-03-16
  • 2.7 (PEP 373) support ends 2020-01-01
  • 3.5 (PEP 478) support ends 2020-09-13
  • 3.6 (PEP 494) support ends 2021-12-23

For all you Python 2.7 lunatics out there that means when this clock reaches zero we drop 2.7 in the name of courage, progress and maintaining a clean codebase. It is my understanding that dropping 2.7 may implicitly mean dropping PyPy as well, which may sway this decision, since jak is a sucker for scrappy whippersnappers.

It is however likely that even without explicitly testing for it the 3.X versions will continue to work just fine even after we officially stop supporting them.


We believe jak should work well on most *nix systems. But is mainly developed on Ubuntu and tested on Ubuntu and macOS.