1.0 (Young Whippersnapper)

Lifecycle: Not released yet.

1.0.0 Will be assigned when we have verified that the encryption is absolutely stable AND we believe the risk of us accidentally deleting peoples secrets is < 0.0001%. In practice this means better unit testing and talking to 2-3 more cryptography experts (especially outside of Dispel). Are you such an expert? Get in touch!


Lifecycle: 2018-10-22 - current

  • [0.14.6] BUG: Had issue when double decrypting certain files (which should be safe operation, and now it is again). (PR#56)


Lifecycle: 2018-03-08 - 2018-10-22

  • [0.14.4] BUG: SourceTree (and other linuxy apps hopefully) should now work with the pre-commit hook. (PR#45)
  • [0.14.5] ENHANCEMENT: Better message when malformed jakfile. (PR#51)
  • Other: * Updated 2017 to 2018 (Happy new year!?) * Removed formal support for python 3.3 (since it is at its end of life).


Lifecycle: 2017-09-02

  • [0.14.2] BUG: Files with the same name now support the backup feature (maintain their encrypted state if their unencrypted state is not edited on re-encryption) if they are in different folders. (PR#40)
  • [0.14.3] DEV: Improved one of our tests that was placing backup files where they did not belong. (PR#42)
  • Other: * Update the tox.ini file to run tests on Python 3.6 (which we totally support btw.) (PR#44) * Updated copyrights to the year 2017 (PR#43)


Lifecycle: 2016-02-01 - 2017-09-02

  • [0.14.1] HOTFIX: Import of bytestring compatibility function was removed during a merge, and it happened unnoticed. (commit)
  • Other:
    • DOCS: fixed static links for the terminal examples (I guess readthedocs changed something?).


Lifecycle: 2016-02-01 - 2016-02-06

  • [0.14.0] FEATURE: jak encrypt/decrypt commands can now accept a list of files (jak encrypt file1 … fileN -k <key>). (PR#34)
  • [0.13.0] FEATURE: jak works for all type of files, not just text files. (PR#33)
  • [0.12.0] FEATURE: Add encryption versioning. This allows us to upgrade/edit the cipher and still decrypt previous ciphertexts (so they don’t become undecryptable) (PR#31)


Lifecycle: 2017-01-23 - 2017-02-01


  • Huge thank you to @obscurerichard (Richard Bullington-McGuire <> / @obscurerichard on GitHub & Twitter) for figuring out that jaks authentication could be improved.


Lifecycle: ~2017-01.

  • [0.10.0] FEATURE: Switched to CBC mode for AES from CFB. (PR#14)
  • [0.10.1] CLEANUP: Encrypt/Decrypt file services were a mess.. (PR#15)
  • [0.10.2] ENHANCEMENT: Make keyfile location in jakfile relative instead of absolute. (PR#22)
  • [0.10.3] BUG: Wrong key should print filepath. (PR#21)
  • [0.10.4] ENHANCEMENT: Made sure jak worked well in Python 3, 3.3, 3.4 and PyPy. (PR#19)
  • Other:
    • DOCS: Add videos of terminal usage, a ton of text content and this changelog. (PR#27)

0.0 - 0.9 (Troubled Toddler)

Lifecycle: ~2016-11 - ~2016-12